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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far can I drive off road before I need to recharge?
A: It varies by model depending on the battery pack. The best range in electric is the Game Changer edition and its 260 amp hour rated battery pack, approximately 25 miles. The lowest range capability is the hybrid Switchback in all electric mode at 15 miles but you get the benefit of gas engine generation that will take you another 60+ miles. Range is reduced as the battery pack ages and in extreme temperatures as well. Remember  to “mature” new battery packs by not exceeding a 50% state of discharge within the first 15 charge cycles.

Q: Where do I get my HuntVe serviced?
A: At any authorized HuntVe dealer location. There are other alternatives as well for those without close access to an authorized dealer. Contact HuntVe directly for help if needed.

Q: What is the life expectancy of the battery pack and cost before they need replacement?
A: Under normal conditions, the battery pack can last up to 4 years before needing replacement at an approximate cost of $1,500 for 8-battery systems and $1,000 for 6-battery systems. Note that the battery pack capacity will start to decline in year 3 and is a candidate for replacement during this time, depending on how many cycles the batteries have been used and what distance is required.

Q: How often do I need to put water in the batteries?
A: The amount of use as well as the ambient temperature determines how often to add water. On average, the water needs to be checked every 2 weeks and can go a little longer in the off season. When the vehicle is in heavy use and the temperature is above 90, check every week. Distilled water is recommended.

Q: What is the primary maintenance on a HuntVe?
A: Maintaining the batteries with the proper water level, keeping battery and motor terminal connections clean and tight, keeping water and debris from charging receptacle and maintaining the charge cycle. Although the HuntVe charge system includes a maintainer float system, it is best to cycle the battery charge at least a couple of times a month. This can be done by driving the vehicle 1-2 miles and then plugging back in for a charge cycle. Other recommended maintenance and safety items are included in the owner’s manual with each vehicle.

Q: Does a battery charger come with the vehicle?
A: A battery charger comes with all models. Even the hybrid Switchback is designed to be operated just as the other all electric HuntVes. The gas generator is to extend range and charge only when electricity of the grid is not available.

Q: What is the electricity requirement for the charger?
A: 110v/120v – household current

Q: Are HuntVes street legal?
A: No. HuntVes are designed for off road use only.

Q: Is auto insurance required for a HuntVe?
A: Auto insurance is not applicable but other insurance requirements may be appropriate. Check with a licensed agent in your State.

Q: Can I store a HuntVe for an extended period of time?
A: All HuntVes come with a battery charger that has a maintainer feature designed to keep the batteries from reaching a discharged state while in storage. This system is effective for a vehicle stored up to 90 days at a time without being driven and run through a longer charge cycle. Storage requirements longer than 90 days at a time may lead to battery sulfation and a significant shorter life expectancy for the entire pack.



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