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Why HuntVe?

The HuntVe 4x4 line of electric and hybrid electric off road UTVs offers the highest quality and proven performance year after year. Using only the best of the best in structure and components, the HuntVe is built to last. Many manufactures have cut corners and cost by using a single motor and noisy shaft drive system to drive their vehicles. The HuntVe uses dual direct drive motors utilizing an input shaft that consistently delivers smooth quite power while never over powering a single motor with the need for an “over heat” dash light to warn the user to stop use immediately.

HuntVe is the only manufacturer to offer an aluminum non-corrosive light weight frame. It has the best in class electronic amp controller power, sound suppression, battery amp hour capacity and standard features. While others misrepresent their origin, the HuntVe is proudly hand crafted in Fort Worth, Texas from the ground up.

Because HuntVe only focuses on the all electric and hybrid electric UTV segment, there is no distraction of manufacturing in the high volume gas and diesel power market. There is no quarterly earnings report of a large public company to direct company objectives. There is no comparison to the product quality and safe reliability of a HuntVe. And there is nothing like experiencing the great outdoors the way you can when you drive a HuntVe.

Product value for customer sets HuntVe apart from competitors and is more important to us than volume sales. American made HuntVes will always lead in customer service, technology innovation and prove the grass is always greener on our side of the fence.

Go green. Go camo. Go HuntVe.


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